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L and T Switchgear LARSEN & TOUBRO

We are one of the leading exporters and suppliers of a wide range of L&T Switchgear. These are designed using quality raw materials and in accordance with industry standards. Our range is well known for the quality and easy installation.

MNX Contactors - Larsen And Toubro Brand 9a To 650a

MNX Contactors - Larsen And Toubro Brand 9a To 650a
Approx. Rs 740 / Piece(s)

  • Rating: 9A to 110A AC-3 duty
  • Compact Dimensions: Space saving
  • DIN Rail mounting upto 110A
  • Box clamp termination and terminal shrouds for power terminals
  • Lug less termination
  • Low VA consumption
  • RoHS compliant

MNX three pole contactors

  • Rating: 9A to 650A AC-3 duty
  • Entire range is UL Listed
  • Easy inspection and replacement of coils and contacts
  • Alpha-numeric terminal markings
  • Front ON/OFF indication
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • CE Marked and CSA approved
  • Operating band from 65 % to 120% up to 32 A

ML three pole contactors

  • Rating: 25A to 300A AC-3 duty
  • Easy inspection and replacement of coils and contacts
  • Alpha-numeric terminal markings
  • Robust Design suitable for tropical conditions

MX (Mini) Power Contactors

  • Rating: 6A to 12A AC-3 duty
  • Enclosed construction for compactness and convenience
  • AC & DC coil available
  • Base as well as DIN rail mounting facility
  • Built in surge suppressor for DC coil contactors
  • Low VA consumption

MDX DC coil three pole contactors

  • Permanent magnet coil technology
  • Compact size
  • Low VA consumption
  • Wide operating band
  • Complete range suitable for DIN rail mounting
  • IP20 connection security
  • Snap On Installation
  • Four terminal coil
  • Built-in Surge Suppressor for contactors rated from 9A – 38A

MCX Four pole contactors

  • Ratings: 16 A to 800 A AC-1 duty
  • Suitable for supply changeover and genset applications
  • Available in five frame sizes and nineteen current ratings
  • Alpha-numeric terminal marking
  • Wide operating band up to 100 A AC-1

MU-2P Two pole contactors

  • True 2 Pole contactor with Neutral Isolation
  • Suitable for single phase pump and motor applications
  • Suitable for low voltage condition
  • High temperature withstand capability
  • Protection of coil from humid environment
  • Available with wide band coil

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 01 Piece(s)

L & T Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

L & T Moulded Case Circuit Breakers
L&T was the first company to introduce Moulded case circuit Breakers (MCCBs) in India. Over the years, it has developed &
enhanced the products to growing requirements of market conditions.

L&T MCCBs use latest technologies for circuit interruption under faults. These MCCBs comply with standards IS 13947, IEC 60947 and EN 60947-2 and are certified at independent and approved test authorities.

L&T offers a wide range of MCCBs with current ratings from 0.63A to 1600A in 3-Pole & 4-Pole versions & breaking capacity from 6kA to 100kA. These MCCBs are available with Thermal-Magnetic as well as with Electronic release (above 125A in DX range).

These MCCBs are available in Fixed or Draw-out versions. They are also available in utilisation category. L&T MCCBs are complemented with a wide variety of internal and external accessories.


Distribution Feeders  Ideally suited for incoming and outgoing feeder circuits on distribution boards.

Transformers Provide effective protection to distribution transformers as outgoing breakers on the LT side.

DG Sets Used for protection and control of diesel generating sets against overloads and short circuits.

APFC Systems Suitable for controlling LT capacitors for power factor corrections.

DC Loads Suitable for both AC as well as DC applications. Hence find application in protecting rectifier panels.

UPS Used for UPS & Electronic equipment protection.

Motors Specially designed MCCBs for Motor back-up protection provide Type-2 co-ordination (as per IEC 60947)
in conjunction with suitably rated contactors and relays.

Furnaces  Suitable for high frequency systems upto 400Hz and can be used for control of high frequency furnaces.
Also used in induction furnaces along with semiconductor fuses.

Switch Disconnector Fuse Units - L& T Make

Switch Disconnector Fuse Units - L& T Make
Approx. Rs 3,000 / Piece(s)

Switch-Disconnector-Fuse Range FN & FNX

S-D-F range covers ratings from 32A to 800A. S-D-F’s range is available in both open execution & Sheet steel enclosure version (Suitable for 14x51 Cylindrical, DIN, BS type fuse-link)

S-D-F range provides users with a high level of safety & Convenience. The complete range conforms to IS/ IEC60947-3 standards.

It also carries the CE marking signifying compliance to stringent European safety norms.

S-D-F's superior features translate into better safety & convenience for the users.

Fuse barriers & Terminal shrouds provide protection against accidental direct contact. Terminal shrouds also protect against phase to phase short circuit through an external conducting path.

Double isolation of fuses when S-D-F is in OFF position makes replacement of fuses risk-free.

Positive ON / OFF indication ensures that the handle indicates OFF position only when main contacts are actually open.

Large ground clearance eliminates possibility of phase to ground flash over.

Built-in padlocking arrangement provided to lock the unit in OFF position prevents inadvertent operation of the unit.

Versatile handle
The handle coupling has the following user-friendly features:
- Door interlock (defeatable)
- Padlock up to 3 locks
- Choice of operating quadrant
- Flexibility (± 3mm mismatch operational quadrant)

The Switch-Disconnector-Fuse provides complete Flexibility in mounting; Unit can be mounted at any angle in a vertical plane.

Handle depth can be varied and fixed as per requirement during installation. This is possible because the telescopic shaft can be adjusted for stepless variable depth.

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 01 Piece(s)

DOL Starter - Larsen & Toubro Brand 7.5 Hp

DOL Starter - Larsen & Toubro Brand 7.5 Hp
Approx. Rs 1,300 / Piece(s)

Direct On-Line (DOL) method is the simplest starting method for 3-phase pump set. L&T offers two variants of DOL method – starter and controller.

DOL starters are basic electrical starters with contactors and relay for ON/OFF operation and overload protection of the pump set.

Over and above the ON/OFF operation and overload protection features equipped in Controllers, it also provides additional features like Auto ON, indications of Supply ON/OFF and Pump ON/OFF, reading of real time voltage & current of pump with unique Dual analog meter. Single phasing protection relay (SPPR) inside Controller unit provides the advanced protection features viz. single-phasing prevention, phase-reversal protection, phase-unbalance protection, variable time-delay adjustment for delayed operation of pump set

HP RatingDOL Range
0.25 - 2
3 - 6
DOL Starters:
  • MK1 DOL - with MK1 contactor and MK1 relay
  • MU DOL - with MU contactor and MU relay
  • MB DOL - with MU contactor and MN relay
  • ML DOL - with MU contactor and MN relay

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 01 Piece(s)

Air Circuit Breakers

Air Circuit Breakers

L&T s Air Circuit Breakers (ACBs), specially designed for extreme tropical conditions, have a proven track record of more than 30 years.

L&T is one amongst the world s five largest manufacturers of ACBs and has supplied over 2,00,000 ACBs for diverse applications in over 40 countries in the world.

These ACBs, which adhere to stringent requirements of protection and discrimination in low voltage networks, are type tested at ASTA, U.K. for compliance to IEC 60947-2 & BSEN 60947-2 standards & at CPRI, ERDA, India for compliance to IS 13947 - Part 2.

C & H ranges of C-POWER ACBs carry the CE mark & meet the requirements of European LV directive for safety & EMC directive.

L&T offers the widest range of ACBs which are available in 3 or 4 pole configuration, fixed or draw-out version, auto or manual reset type, with independent manual or stored energy type manual or electrically operated mechanism. Various terminal orientation options are available including flat rear type, horizontal rear type, vertical rear type and front type.


These ACBs are available with a wide variety of over current protection devices :

  • Computer compatible & Communication capable release type SR61C.
  •  Microprocessor based Releases type SR21 & SR21E.
  •  Solid State Releases type SR15 & SR15G.
  •  Thermomagnetic Releases type DN1.


There are over 500 options to choose from.

Thermal Overload Relay

Thermal Overload Relay

High Rupturing Capacity Fuse (HRC Fuse)

High Rupturing Capacity Fuse (HRC Fuse)


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